har vokseHar Vokse hair loss solution is a dual action natural hair re growth solution which creates new hair making them thicker and more beautiful than before. It is clinically proved and helps you to grow new hair with the help of two stages:

Har Vokse Spray which works by cleaning the scalp area of dead cells and also nourishes hair roots and making hair roots stronger and healthier, stimulates the re growth.

HarVokse Hair Re growth Supplement which Works by freezing the hair falling process and re grows thick and shiny hairs.

It nourishes and conditions the hairs and cause a substantial re-growth.

Benefits of Har Vokse

  • Its dual action formula stimulates hair re growth and prevents hair loss
  • It contains a mix of natural ingredients with no adverse effects
  • It helps thicken and strengthen hair with greater volume
  • It nourishes the scalp and condition hair
  • No mix of harmful chemical contents
  • No threat of harmful effects of surgery
  • Easy to use and cost effective

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How it Works?

Healthy hairs play an important role in beauty of a person. Healthy hairs are considered blessing of God. People blessed with healthy hair feel confidence on themselves of looking charming.

But nowadays, the atmospheric pollution, excessive sun exposure, unhygienic food and depression are the main causes of different hair problems and somehow it has been a sensitive issue among both men and women.

Losing hair losses confidence, thinning hair and baldness may be a big trouble causing low self esteem, anxiety, stress and in some cases depression!

However there are some remedies to cure hair fall like hair transplant and surgery, but these can be time consuming and very costly causing nasty side effects and no guaranteed results.

If you don’t want to go through these hassles, Har Vokse is an easy to use, cost effective, natural solution with no threat of any side effect with 100% guaranteed results! It comes in different formulation separately for men and women.

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How Har Vokse Prevents you from Hair Fall?

Har Vokse works from the inside and gets into the root of the problem. This two step formula is designed harvokse-in-mediato help re grow hair and stops hair loss from every angle.

It doesn’t only tackle the surface of the problem; it works to stimulate new growth from within and delivers desired results within just a few weeks.

First it promotes healthy growth by fortifying and protecting the hair follicle and supplies essential nutrients to scalp and nourishes and conditions hair, provides you stronger healthier and shinier hair.

This hair loss formula is developed by leading Norwegian researchers, it is clinically tried and tested in extensive clinical trials and shown to produce some amazing results. Therefore it is widely recommended by hair experts.

One study shows that amongst other positive effects that 90% of the participants had an average of 63.9% of hair re growth.


Dr. Erling Thom says: “We designed a study that was according to the modern technology. Har Vokse was shown to be very effective and very tolerable and no side effects were reported.”


naturalsolutionHow to Use?

It is quite easy to use. For optimum results, simply take 1 supplement capsule twice a day before meals and use the spray both morning and evening by applying to damp hair.


It is a powerful blend of marine proteins known as marine polysaccharides. It has been found that a combination of marine proteins and vitamins can produce amazing results for people suffering from thinning hair and baldness.

The main component of HarVokse is a natural marine protein complex which contains a group of nutrients called Proteoglycans of cells in dermis (skin) that is especially important for the function of the hair follicle and re-growth of hair.

It also contains the powerful combination of amino acids, to protect and re grow hair, Zinc Gluconate, Grape seed extracts and Vitamin B-complex.

HarVokse Testimonials


“I was a little worry when I ordered Har Vokse, but now I know that I had no reason to be! I have had great results and my confidence increased so much!” Janette L.


“I feel like myself again and I am so happy that I’ve found a hair re growth product that really works!” D. Graham


“I have had great results! Har Vokse was my last resort before going to have surgery and I am so glad that it was! It is cost effective, easy to use and I love it!” Janette L


Where to buy?

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